Cinco De Mayo Celebration at PetSkull Brewing Company in Manitowoc, WI 

A great big thank you goes out from Conscious Pilot to all the folks who came to see us play yesterday (May 5, 2023) at Pet Skull Brewing Company!! There were many familiar faces in attendance as well as some new faces too!  Thanks to all of you!

It means a great deal to the band members when people come out to see them play. Honestly, whether it's someone who comes to shows often or those "first-timers" who come out, people tell us that:

  • They love our song selections.
  • They love the fact that we spend more time playing music and less time talking between songs.
  • They enjoy watching the band perform and can tell that the band members are truly having fun!

It's these kind words that tell us we are are doing some thing right!!

These things and more are all reasons that we absolutely appreciate our audiences and will continue to work hard to give them great shows! Here is a shout out to all of our friends, old and new, for giving Conscious Pilot the best reason ever to care about what we do.... and that reason is you!!