The Band and The Players

In it's first incarnation, Conscious Pilot was a 4-piece band that contained 3 members of a Blues/Rock/Soul band called the “Groove Hogs” (drummer: John Stelzer, bass player: Drew Hicks, and keyboard player: Brian Gruselle) along with guitarist: Mark Lamar Plopper. After a short time and one or more band name changes, “Conscious Pilot” became the name which stuck!  This version of the band played until July 2017, before reforming as the 5-piece band you see today.

Now, with the addition of bass guitarist: Jim Denk and lead vocalist: Paul Lent, Conscious Pilot has been growing tighter musically, sonically, and passionately as the years go by. The music and heart of this band draws you in and keeps you feeling great! It's a quality group of musicians producing a sound that is uniquely powerful. 

We really appreciate the folks who come to see us play, especially the ones who come back to numerous shows/venues. Your smiling faces mean a lot to us. That's why we put time and effort into making each show worth the time you spent to be with us!

We have links to a page for each band member so that you can get to know them a little better!  (This area is still under construction!)